Discover Improvements

As a response to my blog posts before and after my trip to Morocco with Discover Excursions, I received the response below.  Please comment if you have any further suggestions and I would be happy to pass them on.
Hi Lauren,
we got your email and we appreciate you took your time to write that.
We’re making changes on the trip every time we go to make it better and better. And we weren’r happy to read your blog so we’re going to try to provide with more information to travelers about Morocco and all the places we visit.
DiscoverExcursions it’s been around for 11 years now. We’ve traveled with more than 30.000 people
Our guides, our trips, every little detail we provide it’s been thought for you to have a great time.
We only have certain time to show people around and Morocco is far down. Involves a lot of trip planning and other stuff. IS not easy and we make it easy for you.
We’re sorry you did not receive all you wnated to receive fro us or from the trip, we try to make you feel confortable on the trip at all time and people seems to love our trips.
Once again thanks for the time you took to write that & hopefully, you’ll have an amazing time on the upcoming Lagos-Portugal trip.
Have a great day!

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