Family Skype Night


Before my lovely parents headed off to Mexico, they wanted to Skype with me and check in on things. My mother had been dying to meet Josefina as well, so I was able to convince her to Skype with my parents.
The conversation started with my mom utilizing her entire knowledge of Spanish in a very American accent: “Hola, que tal?” and continued with Josefina’s response of “I am very good” in her very Spanish accent. Of course, my parents had to introduce her to our dogs and Josefina wanted them to see the cats, especially el gordo Kiko. I made my best attempt to translate for them, although when my parents wanted me to tell her that she can’t steal me from them and keep me in Spain, I must not have translated well, as Josefina replied something about how she feels old and should get Botox…I should probably hold off applying to be a translator.
After the conversation, both my parents and Josefina were absolutely thrilled that we have the capability to video chat across the world and Josefina started asking how much it would cost her to get a computer so that we could continue talking after the semester was done. Hopefully my Spanish will have improved enough by then to have understand it over my home’s unreliable internet service.


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