The Very Beginning


It’s hard to believe I have only been in Granada for 5 days…until someone tries to speak Spanish to me and my face resorts to distorting itself into a clear look of confusion. I have already starting using Spanish more often however, and am looking forward to continued improvement.

So far, we have explored El Albayzín and other places in Granada, especially the tapas bars. 2€ for a glass of wine and a light dinner? Me gusta mucho.

Today everyone in our program moved in with our host families. I am living with a retired hotel manager and her three cats, two of which are skinny and skittish, the third which is cuddly and muy gordo. Josefina is wonderful and brought Tori (my friend from UW-Madison who is living nearby) and I to the mercadillo to look for some fruits, vegetables and clothes.

Tomorrow we will be touring La Alhambra and will be beginning classes on Monday. Hopefully by then I will have gained the technological skills to upload pictures on my computer and on my blog.



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