Welcome to the club


So far, everything has been going very smoothly, despite all sorts of miscommunication. Josefina, the woman I live with, had a very sore throat and was unable to talk for a few days, which obviously made conversing a bit difficult. I would feel bad that she still felt that she had to cook for me, but she would insist, and I was unable to tell her how grateful I was because of my rudimentary Spanish. She’s feeling better now though, so at least we can get by whispering. As a whole though, it’s been difficult to express emotions, such as gratitude, or hoping she feels better, or trying to show that I am very low maintenance and don’t actually care what I eat or if I have to help clean, and so on. Despite that though, she has been so patient and understands that I’m still learning the language, and doesn’t seem to mind.

Really though, this post is about our first true night on the town in Granada. We had been saving up our energy for this because in Spain, getting to the discoteca at 1 is considered embarrassingly early. We left around midnight to look for a bar between our homes and Mae West, but ended up just walking around for an hour with no luck. The only place that was open was a small convenience store, so we bought a bottle of wine, found a small courtyard and passed it around, by which point we had walked around for a solid hour and a half. At that point, it was about 1:30, so we decided to trek back to Mae West and arrive at an acceptable time.
A few friends and I had been to Mae West last Thursday, just to check it out, and did not have to pay to get in so we were hoping that would be the case again. Unfortunately, it was 10 euros for entrance plus 2 drinks but after all that walking we went in anyhow.
I was actually rather impressed with the club, as it was mostly locals (plus our rather large group of Americans), and had really good techno dance music, that reminded me a lot of the dance parties my friends and I would throw in high school. Although, because it was so far away and so expensive (we didn’t buy more drinks bc it was roughly $5 for a shot), we probably won’t be frequenting it.
Especially after paying, we wanted to take full advantage of what we had paid for, yet we still left “early,” at 5:30am. So far, I had been able to adjust fairly well to a Spanish schedule, but this is one thing I’m not sure I can get accustomed to.


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